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    • 有關於英文文法的問題(inform)

      Your failure (to inform us about the changed password) cost the company a day's work. inform about後面是接名詞the changed password...

    • 最近登入雅虎信箱發現以下問題

      這是請你變更密碼。 你如果不想變更,按 skip for now,暫不變更。 Change your password 更換密碼 Strengthen the security of your account with a new password...

    • 中翻英 : 密碼超過1月,需要變更密碼

      密碼超過1月,需要變更密碼 = Your password expired over one month; need to change the password. = Your password expired one month ago; need to change the password. 過期、逾期的英文是 “Expire”