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  1. Chinatown

    • 唐人街
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    • 請問 Chinatown Express 是什麼意思?

      1) Chinatown Express 是 Washington DC 的一家中國餐廳 「東江海鮮...

    • 幾個英文文法的問題

      1.Chinatown is the name <given> to an...的那幾家就對了. 2009-03-29 14:48:14 補充: 回版主: Chinatown is the name (being) given to an area in...

    • 請幫我英文翻成中文謝謝

      ... cities, there is a Chinatown, a sectoin where people of Chinese background live...餐廳來用餐。 Thomas chung was born in Chinatown fifty years ago. 湯馬斯・鍾在五十年前出生...