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    • what's mean about ”Block off”

      block off 封閉; 封鎖 the substance spilled, exceeding extent of the spill and degree of hazard. Block off the area. 此物質溢出了, 超出外溢的限度與危險的程度. 封鎖這塊區域...

    • ask a problem about phrase

      ...1.takes up:拿起,着手,承接 2.looks into:窺視,調查 3.blocks out :阻擋 4.picks up:撿起,收集,繼續,得到 bread-and-butter:平凡...

    • MSN英文改中文

      ...just uninstall your English version of MSN and replace it with a Chinese version? If you want to change your hotmail to Chinese, ...