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  1. Chinese date

    • n.
      another term for jujube
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    • 英文翻譯一句 看不懂

      原句是這樣的: This is apparent in China, for a Chinese wedding date is carefully chosen according to birth dates and Chinese...

    • 請問c開頭的水果還有什麼?

      ... 蔓越橘 Candied olive 甜橄欖 Chinese olive 橄欖 Chinese date 棗子 Custard apple番荔枝;釋迦果 Canned fruit 罐頭水果 Chinese...

    • unale to read Chinese emails

      ... traveling in the US and, most of the time, unable to read Chinese emails . I will answer you at a later date. Sorry. 我正在美國旅行中, 大多數時候無法閱讀中文郵件(因為都是亂碼...