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  1. Continental Divide


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    • 英文演講稿

      ... sat on a cliff on the side of the road and looked at the Continental Divide. I marveled at the size of it. Its beauty. On the way...

    • 徵求!!!翻譯高手 拜託請盡快 謝謝!!!10點

      雖然一些割喉鱒魚亞種似乎 1-2萬年前分化,其他人有淺得多的進化歷史。格蘭德河割喉鱒魚(澳角virginalis),最南的亞種,可能已出現轉機,從祖先的科羅拉多 河割喉鱒魚(澳角pleuriticus)在北 美國大陸落差不到10萬年以前。 鱒魚列為澳角virginalis...

    • 急~!!20點!徵求中翻英文高手幫忙!!

      ...long coastline and numerous islands harbor, and there continental shelf and cold (China coastal current) Stream... accordance with the practices can be divided into the farming and fishing fish industry...