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  1. Crown Court


    • n.
      (in England and Wales) a court of criminal jurisdiction, which deals with serious offences and appeals referred from the magistrates' courts.
    • noun: Crown Court, plural noun: Crown Courts

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    • 這兩句英文的差別是什麼?? (急)

      這兩句用到 大英系統的法律用語,所以跟一般譯法不同。 The Court of Appeal allowed the Crown's appeal and restored Morin's conviction 上訴法庭認同檢方...

    • 英國的 wood country Green Country

      ... Line, Turnpike Lane. Wood Green Crown Court is a short distance along Lordship Lane.

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      對第一段的理解大致上準確 , 除了這句 : London's importance as a legal centre will diminish. 應是 : 倫敦做為一個司法中心的地位將會削減。 不是 : 倫敦的重要性如同一個法律中心被削減。 In non-litigious matters advice to the relatively deprived...