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    • 會話對話
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    • dialoguedialog、log疑問

      dialogdialogue是同一個單字, 美式的拼法是dialog,英式的拼法是dialogue (就像「对话」是簡體字,「對話」是正體字...

    • 請問dialog&dialogue不同之處?

      這兩個字是完全相同的哦 只是英式英文和美式英文的拼法不同 e.g.cheque and check; chili and chilli 補充一下 dialogue才是美式英文哦

    • A english dialogue

      Professor Hsieh: There is no spirit in the world. Lady Gaga: I can see spirits myself. Professor Hsieh: That’s only your own imagination. Professor Hsieh...