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    • 黛朵,胡鬧
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    • 請問Dido-Life for rent英文歌詞是什麼?

      LIFE FOR RENT -Dido I haven't ever really found a place that I call home I...

    • 有關英文對話~有人可以給些句子嗎??

      Dido: Did you understand what teacher taught in the Math class? 今天數學課老師教的你懂嗎... to the new comer? 別說那折磨人的數學了啦!你們大家跟那個新來的同學說過話了嗎? Dido: Yes, he's a nice guy. 嗯有阿,他人滿不錯的 Zeus: I against. Why he...

    • Dido 的 All You Want 歌詞 英翻中 謝謝

      All You Want 你想要的一切 I'd like to watch you sleep at night 我喜歡在夜裡看著你入睡 to hear you breathe by my side 在我的身旁聽著你的呼吸 And though sleep leaves me behind 而我毫無睡意 there's nowhere I'd rather be...