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    Do you agree with me

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    • With...使用?

      Do you agree "with" same-sex marriage? 為什麼要使用...受詞 要加介系詞才可有受詞: agree with + 人/事物 agree on + 事物 agree at + 針對焦點事物 2013-12-16 22:01:46 補充: Do you have your an ID card...

    • 該怎樣使用agree about /with/on be fitting for (someone) => Spicy food does not agree with me. (2) Agree to (something, do something) (a) to consent to something => Do you agree to the condition? => I agree to his plan. => I didn...

    • Why plus the "with the"???

      ...on many things. 我和菲爾在許多事情上意見不一致。 2. 同意,贊同[(+to)] I think we should stop; do you agree? 我覺得我們該停止了,你同意嗎? 3. 相符[(+with)] This bill does not agree with your original estimate. 這張帳單...