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  1. Dutch treat

    • n.
      an outing, meal, or other special occasion at which each participant pays for their share of the expenses.
    • noun: Dutch treat, plural noun: Dutch treats

  2. 知識+

    • 有聽過do Dutch嗎?

      ...Dutch wife 用藤或竹制成的睡眠用具 double Dutch 莫名其妙的話 Dutch treat 各人自己付錢的聚餐或其它娛樂(似乎荷蘭人請客都要客人付錢一般) I...

    • 關於”請客”的英文怎麼說?

      ...Dutch, it is your treat next time. *** go Dutch(原) 也可以說成 Dutch treat 或是 Dutch date,反正全都是各付各的意思 另外,我還想到其他有關...

    • 提供6則有關”錢”的諺語

      ... to cash in my chips to get some money to go back to school. Dutch treat - something where each person pays their own share We went...