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  1. Enough is as good as feast.

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    • 請大家幫忙解釋以下的英文諺語

      ... before a fall. 資料太長所以我分兩次回答 2006-09-15 19:44:47 補充: 6.Enough is as good as feast.知足常樂。Definition:something that you say which means you should not...

    • 請幫我批改英文作文

      ..., now I finally understood the proverb that "enough is as good as a feast." I'm determined to break the bad habit and learn self-discipline...

    • 新詩或成語的中英文的網站

      ...physic (medicine) 以其人之道還治其人.Eat, drink, and be merry. 及時行樂。Enough is as good as feast. 知足常樂。Easier said than done. 說比做來得容易。...