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  1. Every couple is not a pair.

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    • 找英文達人幫幫忙 - 急

      ...A spouse might not like to live with.... Those couples need to decide whether they should buy a house or rent...because when a child is brought into...know how to work with every month's budget...

    • 幫我翻譯一則有關眼鏡的英文報導嗎

      鎮壓圖書館管理員。 權力的數字。 Brainbox。 書呆子。 沒有身分一的末端能當帶上一副眼鏡時以為或者后隱藏的There s。 的確,幾乎的there s 空想,象孩子一樣的事情,關於對wrongfoot的他們的能力。 另外為什麼我們因此買進成為的股東那些情節那個超人和肯特...

    • 急解!!求一段日常生活的小對話 take a good pair of shoes, because I am and from school every day. Mary...quot;s graduation or a nice date. So...dress shirt and a couple of crazy ties...: I cannot put too much into...