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    • 修改英文句子.....感激

      ...and more people have the chance to access it. By exploring the internet, people can catch inexhaustible information and it...communication skill. Furthermore, we have to find out the goal of life and learn to schedule our time...

    • 麻煩會的人幫我翻這段文章~~急!!

      內容豐富的印刷品在業務促銷活動中已經證明提供促銷活動對短期銷售有正面影響. 然而, 消費者促銷活動的經濟模式並沒有因為透過促銷活動所能影響的消費者行為而明確地產生互補路線. 消費者促銷活動是有益的而且透過不只是提供短暫的重點提醒引起採購動機而對業務有影響這樣的概念...

    • 請高手幫我翻譯這篇文章~謝謝(20點)

      ...pursue the childish heart frequently in the realistic society, is maintaining the mood which explores, after many people grow up, already no longer had looks at the...