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    • 怎樣寫關於fast food的英文作文

      Fast Food History The American hamburger is a... in America until the early 20th century. The first hamburger fast-food chain was White Castle, founded in 1916 by ...

    • fast 的中文解釋

      版主您好, 對您所發問的,我的認知是 fast asleep 您所詢問的應該是 "fast asleep" 片語。於此,fast 是 soundly 或...

    • fastest 前面是否要加 the

      fastest 前面是否要加 the ( X ) Henry runs the fastest...錯的? 副詞的最高級,前面通常省略the ( O ) Henry is the fastest runner. 為什麼加the就是對的?形容詞的最高級,則要加the 2013-06-01 19:09:36...