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  1. First Cause


    • ph.
      (the ~)造物主,神
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    • cause-effect該寫怎麼好?又不會太八股?

      ...when there is none? Causal Relation: Necessary Cause - one that must be present for the effect to occur. Ex. Combustion is...

    • cause-effect essay的範文~ 謝 謝!!

      ... because of this?" The following is an example of one cause producing one effect: CauseEffectYou are out of gas....

    • inter-are在此句中是何解釋呢?

      很有水準的一個問題~~這是個新字~~字典目前找不到~~可能是個哲學思想延伸過來的~inter = betweenare = beinginter-are = 互相關連的存在體~比方說 ~ 因為有太陽~太陽使樹成長~樹提供原料做紙張~所以沒有太陽就沒有紙張~太陽跟紙就是互相有關連的存在體~也就是 inter-are我們在世界上...