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    • 我不會鎖網頁...

      鎖網頁: 在網頁上選 工具>網際網路選項...>安全性>限制的網站> 然後鍵入封鎖的網址。 尋找檔案: 開始>尋找>檔案或檔案夾 填入檔案名或檔案中特別的字(如# 去尋找,字數愈少(免得弄錯)愈獨特的字愈好。

    • 請幫我把下列演講稿翻成英文

      ... called, it is like a shopping mall, inside of which contains the order book First, open the Yahoo home page, find the column in the collection marked AMAZON, then the first row will have a...

    • 請高手幫忙把古蹟介紹翻譯成英文~!!!! build , named the Zhenwu Museum, contains the meaning of the revitalization of Morality. After the war, Takenori one seems management has abandoned the...