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    • 我有一個final project 需要翻譯

      ... and so on. Try to apply the themes we have used in this course that are applicable to this. 您可能可以先從CIA factbook...area. Please use APA format(including in text ...

    • 請幫英翻中~~~~請勿用翻譯軟體~~~謝謝

      以下的討論主要針對trustees(信託管理人)而言, 因為接下來大部分信託都是設定為這種簡單的模式。許多在trustee模式會發生的問題, 經常也可以套用在quasi-fiduciary(半受託人)的情況中。當我使用fiduciary這個字時, 是包含了以下類別: trustee(信託管理人), co-trustee(共同信託管理人...

    • (急翻譯~20點)如何向國稅局申請三聯式電子計算機統一發票?

      ...unification receipt use means" the fourth chapter of 25th stipulation, when applies for the electronic accounting machine unified receipt to Internal Revenue Service, should examine delivers...