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  1. French toast


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    • 幫忙(中翻英)的翻譯(盡量簡單詞彙)

      ...: today, we are presenting French toast. host B: right! this is a very cool... the various usage of French toast. host A: the first usage: teacher...

    • 相關的英文單字

      ... Potatoes 火腿蛋 Ham And Eggs 法國土司 French Toast 鬆餅 Muffin 開胃菜 Appetizer 蔬菜沙拉 Green Salad...

    • 急~~有關餐飲的英文單字&音標 (20點)

      ...late snack 宵夜 dinner 正餐 ham and egg 火腿腸 buttered toast 奶油土司 French toast 法國土司 muffin 松餅 cheese cake 酪餅 white bread 白麵包 brown bread 黑麵包...