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  1. friendly society


    • n.
      (in the UK) a mutual association providing sickness benefits, life assurance, and pensions.
    • noun: friendly society, plural noun: friendly societies

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    • 請問[人間冷暖]的英文怎麼翻?

      人間冷暖 可用 the warmth in our society 也可用: friendly people in our society kindness people 經歷的[經歷]人間冷暖可用 to experience the warmth in our society. to feel the warmth in our society have a journey 是用在旅遊不適合用在這

    • make the outline

      1. You can start with writing why we need to create a foreigner-friendly environment first? ex: It is an international society and the world is shrinking due to the modern technology and faster...

    • 我想要一個英文單字或一個中文字能夠表現出朋友的意思

      ...] comradeship 同伴(同僚)之誼,友誼 fellowship 夥伴關係,交情,友誼[U] friendly match 友誼賽 friendship 友誼;友好[U] Platonic (兩性之間關係)純精神友誼的 society 交際,交往,友誼[U] term 關係,友誼;地位[P][(+with)]