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    • and的平行結構

      ... in that they are both in thermal efficiency(形容詞)and economy (名詞)of fuel oils(名詞). 由於前面 in thermal efficiencey 為介系詞片語作形容詞用,當主詞補語修飾...

    • 為何現在式的另一個動詞要加ed

      diesel fuel oil 重柴油 diesel fuel 柴油 fuel oil 燃料油 distillate fuel oil 餾出燃料油 Fuel...petroleum distillation"稱為分詞片語, 當形容詞用來修飾fraction. 換成關代型式就是: = Fuel oil is a fraction which is obtained from petroleum distillation. 換成...

    • 空氣控制計算

      Assuming a fuel oil composition can be represented by the formula C11H20N , calculate the stoichiometric... is formed ). Give your result in kg air/kg fuel.假設燃油成分可以用公式 C11H20N 表示,計算完全燃燒為CO2...