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    • 台北樹蛙英文寫作

      ... are dark green. Taipei green tree frogs are usually found in the weeds...and in muddy bushes near streams, ponds, and freshwater swamps. Their ...

    • 翻譯 ”聚寶盆的由來”

      ... of more than a hundred people in green imploring him to save...about to slaughter a bunch of some hundred frogs of his. Inspired, the man payed for their freedom into a pond. 此後蛙鳴達旦,夜不能眠,晨往...

    • 英作~~~~~~~~~~給個範例 15

      ... organic eggs, catching frogs at the school pond or getting sap from a tree. With the...favorite crops. I would like to have a green school because it helps keep our world...