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  1. Him (or the man) upstairs

    • ph.
      a humorous name for God
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    • 基測生活英文文法解析

      .... One is downstairs and ___ is upstairs. a.the other b. the others c.other E 不發音,U是子音開始。71._______ he is!a.what a clever man b.what clever a man clever...

    • 英文故事(約三到四分) of the happiest persons on earth. He worked from morning till night, singing merrily... to be repaired. Now the merchant upstairs was so rich that he hardly knew how much...

    • 尋求正確的英文翻成中文的翻譯,感恩!

      ...求劍的故事! 你的翻譯基本上沒什麼大問題也很順,提出兩點跟你討論: Oh dear! You`d batter find it, or your wife will kill you,” the neighbor said. “喔親愛的!你最好找到它(戒指),否則你太太將會殺了你,” 鄰居回答這老人。 “Tell me about it,” said the elderly man. Oh dear應該翻成,天啊,外國老人最常用 Tell me about it,在此跟俚語的"you're ...