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  1. Holy Ghost


    • ph.
      = Holy Spirit
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    • 以聖父聖子聖靈之名

      In the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. 這句話是接在所有祈禱文的最後面,然後再加上:Amen啊門。 意思是前面禱告的內容都是最真誠、真心的,以聖父聖子和聖靈之名發誓。

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      ... to the Holy Bible story, Virgin Mary because of Holy Ghost of touched and pregnancy, issued order to kill all lately- been...

    • 女生英文名Trinity的意思

      ... to The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost (the HOLY 3) 基督教教義中, Trinity 代表天父 聖子 聖靈 tri...