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    How long 意味 ?
  1. How long is it?

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    • 1. 時間是多久? How long is it to the railway station? 去火車站時間要用多久?
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    • How long are you living in America.”涵義為 「我暫時住在美國,不久就要離開了」 How long have you lived in America? = How long have you been...

    • 【英文】很口語的一句

      A:How long have you made this cake?B: Just ten minutes... me?最好是(啦)~意思就是不相信的意思~也有意味是開玩笑之意!所以用 Are you kidding me 是非常...

    • 日文英文幫我翻譯成中文 請勿使用翻譯機

      ...profile and I liked those songs How long do you have founded this group and you start singing in what year? ※意味不明,無法翻譯 對不起,我不是在唱歌的 我也...