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  1. Hugo, Victor

    • IPA[ˈhjuːɡəʊ]


    • ph.
      (1802–85), French poet, novelist, and playwright; full name Victor-Marie Hugo. A leading figure of French romanticism, he brought a new freedom to French poetry, and his belief that theatre should express both the grotesque and the sublime in human existence overturned existing conventions. His political and social concern is shown in his novels. Notable works: Hernani (drama, 1830) and Les Misérables (novel, 1862).
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      整句ㄉ中文解釋是說 他在談論鐘樓怪人的作者雨果(法國作家) parler de 是談論ㄉ意思 談論一ㄍ主題一件事情一ㄍ人 Notre-Dame 是聖母院ㄉ意思 是沒錯 法國有很多聖母院 或者你可以稱ㄊ為大教堂(cathedrale) eglise 是小教堂ㄉ意思

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      鐘樓怪人 作者: 維克多˙雨果Victor Hugo/著 譯者: 李玉民 出版社:商周出版 出版日期:2005 年 07 月 18 日 語言...