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  1. I'll be bound

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    • 1. 【舊】【口】我確信。 The children are up to some mischief, I'll be bound! 孩子們在搞惡作劇, 我敢肯定!
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    • 可以幫我看看這封信文法有沒有錯誤嗎??

      dear su-ming, i am glad to hear from(receive your letter) you. i can see that you are to get along with your new flatmates. as for the rent, i shall(this verb auxiliary has the stance of promising your friend...

    • 請幫我解釋底下影片這段話的意思!謝謝!

      ...以色列人佔領的土地. 而那時代的用法相似現代的Oh my Gosh/God. Goshen 的詞匯現代演變成...現代字的 Hurray! 非常活潑及凌亂的意思. 3. Bound worthy 意思不清楚 Some of us stuck...

    • 這句是英文片語嗎?

      ...bound to fail. 如果你不用功,你必定會失敗的. If a typhoon hit the island, it is bound to create a disaster. 如果颱風襲本島,它必然會造成災害的.