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  1. I'm all right, Jack

    • ph.
      used to express selfish complacency
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    • 請幫忙兩篇簡單的翻譯-2 (10點)

      ...: Yes it is. 來電者: 是的. 正是. Secretary: All right. I'll be sure to send you the fax this afternoon. 秘書: 好的, 我確定下午會傳真給你...

    • 請翻譯一下簡單的英文 謝謝(+10)

      ...誤觸,也可用peace out... 例如我跟他在msn結束對話時常常是這樣 Derek: I'm going to bed, see u later man. Jack: All right, chat next time then. Derek: No problem. Take care man, peace out...

    • 請問影片中的英文是在說甚麼阿

      ...: I'll be all right. Listen, I'll be fine. I'm a survivor, all right ? Don't worry about me. Now, go on. Get on. 傑克...