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    I get up at 6 o'clock every day

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    • 英文作文寫不下去了!

      ...我和父母住在台北市。台北市是個大都市,有很多的人、汽車和摩拖車。 I get up at 6 oclock every day, and I always have my breakfast before I go to school, but sometimes...

    • 我需要英文的翻譯 高手幫幫我

      1.I get up at six o'clock every day and go to work at seven o'clock. 2.I work for...5.There are only four off- days in every month. 6.There is a lot of official duties...

    • 幫幫看一下文法對不對.... times. time / Thanks to her uncle, I got [to] the train station... time. 2. at all times... I wake up at seven o'clock every day from time to time. from...