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    I have to apply for a passport

    • ph.
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    • apply to colleges in taiwan

      i will hardly suggest you to visit the school website which you wish to apply for to find out more information. please be aware, all the documentation from abroad should be...

    • 20點!! 回覆美國的朋友的重要旅美行程討論!! 中翻英!!

      ... won't have any problem ... application fee for a Taiwanese Passport is $1,400.... It cost me $4,500 NTD...roughly $136 USD, to apply for a U....

    • 請問”報名”的英文怎麼說?

      ...position) 我們用 [申請] (apply) 這個動詞, 它的名詞是 (application) 例: How to apply for a passport. [如何申請護照] I have applied to attend the dessert-making course. [我已經申請了參加點心...