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  1. I spy

    • n.
      a children's game in which one player specifies the first letter of an object they can see, the other players then having to guess the identity of this object.
    • noun: I spy

  2. 知識+

    • 好玩的英文遊戲--有20點喔

      你可以玩外國小朋友都會玩的 I spy 遊戲啊 I spy with my little eyes, something beginning with...

    • make a terrible spy..... 意思

      ...i would speak in my sleep her:me too,( i'd make a terrible spy. give everything away in my sleep.) 我: 我會說夢話。 她: 我也會。 (我要是幹間諜,穩砸鍋,啥都在...

    • 英文單字不含AEIOU這五個字母

      ...母音的字,如 by, try, cry, sky, why, crypt, hymn, lynx, myth, Gypsy, shy, flyby, my, spy, ply, sly, fly, rhythm, tryst, nymph, pygmy 等等. 已知還在用的不含AEIOU的...