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    I want my steak well-done

    • ph.
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    • 我的用餐經驗~請幫我翻譯簡短的英文~謝謝 i wanted my steak, i told him/her that i wanted medium, only i ended getting a well done, the steak was all screwed up, i don't think i am ever going back...

    • 英文句子改成正確的

      ... bring me a steak, cook well done done-well. Chris doesn't like seafood, and I don't either too. or.... I don't want any dessert. I'm full...

    • 英文的4個基本句型

      ... our class leader.(我們選他當任我們班的班長) ③ I want my steak well-done.(我想要我的牛排全熟) ④ Get me a cup of coffee please...