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    I worked from morning until late night

    • ph.
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    • 這是我的英文自傳,請高手幫忙看ㄧ下通不通順!!

      ...My father is an electrician and plumber. He works from early in the morning until very late at night everyday, working hard for my family. My mother is a housewife, who is responsible for looking...

    • 請問為何只能用”stop until”?

      ...not come out until late in the evening...see each other again until the autumn.I cannot comment... working up until his... full of traffic from morning till night. You can stay...

    • 翻譯此文章(英文)

      太陽跟蹤儀准許有9 個到12 個小時直接陽光, 足夠充電一些電池。我看了一些太陽跟蹤儀電路久時間前但那些是有點兒複雜的; 傳感器、fotoresistors 、數字電路、晶體管, 等。因為我需要簡單事, 我決定修造我自己 這怎麼這有效: 太陽出現每天早晨從東部。(奇蹟!) 太陽...