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  1. I wouldn't say no

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    • 1. 【英】【口】(表示同意)好的 Fancy some coffee? I wouldn't say no. “想來點咖啡嗎?” “好哇。” I wouldn't say no to a pizza. 我想來塊意大利餅。
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      ...地毯歡迎他的重要的客人。 3. I wouldn't say I have a all thumb. All my plants seem...黑人候選人 10. Mr. Brown is no spring chicken, but he can still play tennis well. Mr...

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      ... around, turn around 回頭吧! 回頭吧! No body else can make me feel this way, night and day 沒有任何人能讓...039;t do 你知道沒有什麼是我不會去做的 Say you love me, say we'll be together...

    • life without i.t.

      ...have been there then u wouldn't have asked this question and or would i be answering it. world would have stopped communicating as...