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  1. Inauguration Day

    • ph.
      【政】(美國)總統就職日(亦作Inaugural Day,大選後翌年的1月20日)
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      ... I made the final touches(最後修飾) on my Inauguration day visual meditation(i.e. a painting). 所以你那句裡的 finishing ...

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      ...關係代名詞(=which), 原句的意思: It's an appropriate place to celebrate [an inauguration]. [The inauguration] is really built around celebrating...

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      ...7. Record crowds to attend Obama inauguration 7 破紀錄的群眾參加歐巴馬的就職 (要看您的上下文... dam inspected, tested days before it burst(s?) 8 澳洲的水壩 幸好在爆發之前 獲得...