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    • initial & inaugural 哪裡不一樣?

      initial 1. (形容詞 adjective) 開始的,最初的 His initial reaction was one of shock. 他最初的反應是震驚。 在字開頭的 n. (名詞 noun...

    • 英文文法The initial policy reflex

      ...補充: 1. "reflex": 在此是名詞, 是一種反應,反映,或反射作用.2. " initial policy reflex": 是政府當局遭遇經濟危機時, "一開始"的(反射式的或...

    • 什麼是initial deposit

      Can I ask how you expect payment. Is there an initial deposit and when do I need to make a final payment. 我能問一下怎麼付款嗎...