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    It wasn't any bother

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    • 英翻中 這段話是什麼意思!!? do. It was not the old man who bothered me. It was his evil eye. 我在每晚正午夜...27 20:01:22 補充: There wasnt any reason for it. I liked the old man...

    • 英文資優班考試要改演講稿子,有請英文高手。20點

      ...people(有待確認?),but unfortunately, I didn’t win any prizes that time.That was a... picture about what drama really is. It doesn’t bother me anymore to perform to audiences...

    • (急)英文文章翻中文<20點>

      第95 故事 如果你正感到愉快 有一只小麻雀的故事決定不對於winter.Perhaps飛越南方麻雀 已經聽到它的人鳥的睿智的忠告並且就不關心。 或許,他享有在那裡 他是並且不能被打擾作一下變動。 或許他是一個拖延者,總是放 離由於沒有好原因的事情。 或許...