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  1. Judgment Day


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      【宗】(上帝對人類的)最後審判日;世界末日(the Day of Judgment)
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    • 英文 字彙

      聖經上的說法是: The Day of Judgment / Judgment Day電影世界末日也是採用聖經上的說法: Armageddon (希臘字源:表示導致世界走向滅亡的刀兵劫-也就是戰爭)

    • 幫我翻譯句子

      If the world judgment day goes to the ㄌ .I will fear to die. (如果世界末日到ㄌ.我將會害怕死亡) I am just thinking the every trade ㄉ the person to is doing what. (我正想著各行各業ㄉ人正在做什麼)

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      ...m., just as he said it would. 午後6時18分展開攻擊,就跟他說的一樣 Judgment Day. 審判日 The day the human race was nearly