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  1. Last Judgment


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    • 特急!!英文翻譯成中文----音樂史

      ... for the Arena chapel in Padua(1306) andOrcagna's Last judgment FOR Florence(1355) 這些文學上的重要鉅作與喬托在Padua...

    • HELP~~ 英文翻譯高手!!20點!!! 英翻中

      ...between-subject variables: information delay (none vs. 1 day), judgment delay (none vs. 1 day), the order in which the country-of-origin... presented (country first vs. country last), and the implications of the attribute information (favorable...

    • 請問這個英文句子中的for whom是怎麼來的?謝謝

      When a citizen, whose .... for whom .... he or she 我覺得 [citizen] 泛指任何享有公民權的人,而 [whose] 是該 [citizen] 的代位所有格,[whom] 則是該 [citizen] 的受格,而 [he or she] 則是以第三人稱指該 [citizen] (也就是任何享有公民權的人。第一人稱應該是作者...