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    • 長度,長短,一段,一節,一段期間
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    • 請教英文高手 lengths 在這句子裡的用法?

      length on time----amount of time something lasts,length of the course,the length of time, any length of time, for... a job. =You need to go to similiar lengths( of time)of performers before (before) you can...

    • 這句的length是什麼意思

      1. 這裡的 length怎麼翻譯比較通順適當? lengths 在這裡的意思是 "the extent to which...would go in pursuing something" ,例句: He went to great lengths to get what he wanted. 或者 "a large extent or expanse of something."...

    • 問英文 arms-length

      'in good faith' - 真誠的。 ‘at arm's length' - 有’保持距離‘ 和 ‘基於各自獨立利益’ 兩個涵義。 在法律文件上...