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  1. Liberty Hall

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      自由自在的地方; 自由自在的狀態
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    • 1. 自由自在的地方; 自由自在的狀態 Wear what you like for the party -- it's Liberty Hall. 參加這聚會你愛穿什麼穿什麼--那是逍遙宮。
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    • 自由女神的英文拼法

      ...自由鐘(在美國通過獨立宣言時所鳴之鐘,現存於費城 Philadelphia)。Liberty Hall【諧】自由廳;不拘禮的地方。Liberty Ship【美】自由船(第二次世界大戰...

    • Leak the liberty bell的意思?(10點)

      ..., as information given out covertly. Liberty bell: the bell of Independence Hall 所以有可能...

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      The reasons that Americans didn't view the Stamp Act of 1765 as fair are: 1. Taxes are much higher in the colonies than in Britain. 2. The standing regular army is not protecting...