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    Limit height

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    • 有關兩句中文翻譯英文的疑問

      ... to improve the conversion efficiency between the kinetic energy and heat energy within a limited height.

    • 機械方面英文~幫翻譯

      ...until a certain value, at which the improvement becomes limited. 散熱效果會隨著雷諾數提高而提高,但僅到一定的限度... number, the fin width and the fin height increase. 壓力下降的情況會隨著雷諾數昇高而昇高,也...

    • 英文商業書信翻譯(關於塑料機器)

      ... materials, like milk powder, saffron powder, coffee powder. No limit of packaged container. It is widely used height-70 mm to 210 mm, diameter 15mm to 100 see my attach of bottle picture. ...