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    • Logical consequences 英翻中~急

      1. Logical consequences express the reality of what happens in society when one..." 表達出當社會中有人觸犯法律時所會發生的事實。 2. Logical consequences involve no element of moral judgment; punishment inevitably does...

    • Let’s be logical about 的解釋?

      有幾項請參考我的想法 1. Let's be logical about our discussion. 讓我們理智一點來討論事情...我們應該用與現在相同的邏輯。 6. It would be more logical for both of us to agree on this prerequisite condition...

    • 英文 logical statement

      什麽是logical statement ? 「合乎邏輯的敘述」 2012-12-16 23:57:14 補充: 1.孩子能把繩子繞...22:40 補充: According to Logic, a false statement is still a logical statement. However that is contrary to common sense, where we usually consider...