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  1. Media

    • IPA[ˈmēdēə]


    • an ancient region of Asia to the southwest of the Caspian Sea, corresponding approximately to present-day Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran, and northeastern Iraq. Originally inhabited by the Medes, the region was conquered in 550 bc by Cyrus the Great of Persia.
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    • Media Watchdog 的意思?

      Media Watchdog 的意思? 在一篇英文報導上看到的,原句是 many consles are yet to be approved by the nation's media watchdog 我覺得media watchdog應該是個媒體構成的組織,但是不知道中文...

    • mediamedium的表示

      media 不是「多媒體」, multimedia 才是「多媒體」。 media 是一種「傳播媒體」或「媒介」的總稱,所以經常用複數。 mass media 是「大眾傳播媒體」,是包括電視、報紙、網路等等的傳播媒體統稱。如果單指...

    • media player11

      It is not possible to uninstall window media player 11 because folders tha are required for the uninstall have...