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      ...Membership is NTD$1,200 per year, which includes one household card per primary add on. See the membership counter at your warehouse. 如何加入 1. 請填妥申請表格. 並準備身份證及...

    • 幫解釋一段英文文章

      ending up with far too many membership cards,as a separate one is needed for every course...百萬富翁最後落得身無分文。 far 是跟後面的。 too many cards 太多會員卡。 far too many... 強調"真的實在太...

    • 請問遇到泰國人或外籍人士英文要怎麼提問????

      您好,請問有會員卡嗎? Hi, Do you have our membership card? Hi, do you have our VIP card? *VIP= very important person...