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    • 翻一句英文句子

      The motorcycle is parked by the curb 摩托車被停放在路邊的欄杆旁. CURB: 路邊,(人行道旁的)鑲邊石,邊欄 He parked his car close to the curb. 他將汽車停在緊靠人行道路緣的地方

    • 請回答臺灣機車普遍的原因!!英文版的! not have to pay car park charges as most places are free parking for motorcycle. And since spare parts are also locally manufactured...

    • 有關於專業名詞的英文翻譯

      ... 汽車停車場 Car Park Parking Lot 機車停車場 Motorcycle Park 學生自習室 Students' Study Room 創意設計中心 ...