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  1. NEAT

    • IPA[nēt]


    • abbr
      non-exercise activity thermogenesis (the energy dissipated as heat by a person during minor physical activity, such as fidgeting or shivering, that does not involve a large expenditure of energy and is not perceived as exercise).
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    • 請問neat book是什麼意思?

      neat 和 cool 也有「新奇」的意思.neat book指新奇和值得看的書 2006-02-20 16:25:40 補充: "Check out those...

    • It's the only neat thing to do

      It's the only neat thing to do. neat 在美式英文的口語,可指 very nice or pleasant (很好的;很令人開心的)例...正想出門透透氣,加上他自己也喜歡和狗狗玩,所以這時他就可以說 That’s the only neat thing to do!

    • 請幫我翻譯下列3句英文

      ...它辯解/辯護? 2. How did the party go? It is really neat. “neat"在美式英語中有“美妙"pleasant,"很好"very nice...