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  1. New Criticism

    • IPA[n(y)o͞o ˈkridəˌsizəm]
    • ph.
      an influential movement in literary criticism in the mid 20th century, which stressed the importance of focusing on the text itself rather than being concerned with external biographical or social considerations. Associated with the movement were John Crowe Ransom, who first used the term in 1941, I. A. Richards, and Cleanth Brooks.
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    • 哪個英文好的 能幫我翻譯一下??

      ...feel frustrated when people critieize you, 當人們批評你的時候不要感到沮喪 criticisms give you a brand new perspective to examine yourself. 有了批評你才會重新檢視你自己 Seize...

    • 中英翻譯 中文翻英文

      ... States of undermining global security and provoking a new arms race, and criticism about the eastward expansion of the threat of North Russia security. ...

    • 可以幫我修正一下句子嗎>a new job 也可以說: about finding a new job 2)maybe you should......try to relax 放courageous在裡面...should .......think carefully about you did 這裡不能接self-criticism yourself. 你是不是要說"我覺得你該檢討自己...