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  1. New Forest

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      an area of heath and woodland in southern Hampshire. It has been reserved as Crown property since 1079, originally by William I as a royal hunting area, and is noted for its ponies.
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    • working landscape

      「住在這裡的人們會告訴你 The New Forest 是一個生機蓬勃,人與自然共處的風景區,有許多奧秘等你來發覺!」 ...

    • 關於英文演講稿的文章!!!

      ...of Scill, Lake District National Park, New Forest National Park, North York Moors ...

    • 新北市英文拼法

      ...意譯可行, 不知道桃園、新竹、雲林會不會提議改為Peach Garden, New Bamboo, Cloudy Forest呢? 那可就亂了套啦! :D