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    • NISSAN MARCH左側門上標示的NCVT英文是什麼意思

      Nissan Continuously Variable Transmission 2011-05-29 07:31...的檔數越多˙ 自動換檔器會依照車速來調整往上或是往下換檔˙ Nissan 多年前研發出一種自動換檔器˙ 可以把它看成只有一檔˙ 但實際...

    • 2分鐘 及時短篇英語演說

      I would like to own Nissan Altima 2007 model if possible. First of...opportunity to test drive the car. Unfortunately, the Nissan does not export such model to Taiwan...

    • Nissa 廣告詞

      ...? (or Hero pull it?) That why Daddy chose Nissan With the new 4-in-1 technology Engine work better ...