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    • 幫翻譯首英文歌詞

      歌名: 當我的吉他輕輕哭泣 歌詞: 注視你的全部 看見沉睡的愛 當我的吉他輕輕哭泣 注視地面 看見需要我清潔的它 我的吉他仍然輕輕的在哭泣 我不知道原因 也從沒有人告訴我 該如何表露出你的愛 我不知道該如何做 某個人控制著你 他給予你承諾卻又背叛了你 注視世界 察覺它正在轉向...

    • 可以幫我修一下英文文章嗎

      ...moment, I really hoped someone would stop him; however, no one was willing to give me a hand. The harassment...destination. After that terrible incident, I am now more alert and careful with everything.

    • 中高級複試作文....請幫我改一下...

      ...history or philosophy? Choose one and write an essay No one can deny that literature, philosophy and history not only not only help people realize the environmental pollution but alert people that present energy patters persist will cause...